You Got Games

In this high energy, completely interactive program, participants learn new teambuilding and icebreaker games and activities. They’ll learn how to encourage participants to step out of their comfort zones, have some fun, and create a lively and connected community. They’ll also learn the subtleties of getting people to ‘buy in’ to your activities and letting go of their inhibitions and fully immersing themselves in the moment. In the end, they’ll receive a fantastic list of games and icebreakers.

Texas A & M University Commerce

The purpose of the program is for participants to actively participate in icebreakers so they might learn new activities to take back to their campus. Not only do they learn new icebreakers but they also learn facilitation skills. Throughout the whole program I will occasionally step out of setting up an activity to talk what I did and why I did it. Participants will learn about how I structured my directions, why I used certain music, when to apply the varying levels of gradient, specific language I use and why, and appropriate time to use the activities. These skills can also be applied to meetings, trainings, and retreats.
The program is 100% experiential. Participants learn by doing…all while having a great time!

We start with lower gradient activities that mostly involve meeting other people, interacting in small groups and, and low-level movement. As the program progresses and the participants become more comfortable with each other, we move into higher gradient activities. These involve more movement, or a higher level of interaction, or closer proximity, or more personal sharing. The activities never go further then what the participants are comfortable with. The activities covered will vary depending upon the experience of the participants.

Learning objectives:
Participants will…

  • Learn new icebreakers and teambuilding activities to add to their repertoire
  • Gain helpful tips and awareness about how to facilitate these icebreakers and teambuilding activities.
  • Meet and connect with the other participants
  • Receive a list of icebreakers and teambuilding activities.