Orientation Leader Training

Orientation leader training focuses:

  • Icebreaker Facilitation Skills
  • Small Group Process
  • Debriefing Skills
  • OL Teambuilding
  • OL Partner Teambuilding


What it’s about:

The core of this training focuses on facilitation/presentation skills. Among other things, we teach them many new and fresh icebreakers, how to facilitate them effectively, how to lead a small group, and debriefing skills. We’ve worked with different group sizes from 4-200 and for different lengths of time. For example, we’ve worked with 17 orientation leaders for 13 1/2 hours straight and 150 orientation leaders for 2 hours.

Muhlenberg College


All OL trainings are customized to fit the group. You tell us about the outcomes you are looking for. Using that information, we create a customized flow of events tailored to fit your specific needs. Then we spell out in detail the recommendations, staying away from “canned” programs so we can best directly target your needs. The flow is created by drawing from the focuses above.

Lynn University

“I cannot express how much I appreciate the depth and “core” of what you brought to our group. You helped us bond, expand, and connect in such a deep and impactful way. Our team would never have been this great without you. This summer was an absolute blast. We did not have ANY of the problems with attendance, performance, connection, negativity, etc, that we normally experience in our orientation season. I know that a large part of that has to do with the work and team building that you brought to our group. This OL group was more bonded, collaborative, and genuinely caring than I have ever seen in the last two years of orientations since we’ve started. All of this after their salaries were cut from the year prior! I am so impressed with you and your work. Your tone, demeanor, and ability to get us all energized yet THINKING is amazingWe know who we want again next year- YOU!”

~Sarah Reed
Orientation Coordinator
Florida Gulf Coast University, FL


Florida Gulf Coast University