Life Unlimited

Every student comes to college looking for something different. Essentially everyone has his or her own agenda. Life Unlimited acknowledges this by covering three very different topics to make sure EVERY student leaves the program with something that will impact their life in a positive way. Life Unlimited focuses on teaching you how to get the most out of life. It’s broken down into three very distinct sections: personal respondability, internal dialogue, and commitment. Life Unlimited offers something for everyone so you can truly learn to live your lifeunlimited!

University of Alaska Fairbanks

NOTE: This video is a little out of date. Some of the content is different now. For example; I usually don’t do the part about grades and instead talk about commitment and do an arrow break (see video and explanation below). I hope to update the video soon. Until then, you get the idea.

Program Outline:

The program begins with Troy doing a standing backflip; he’s asking students to take a look at “flipping” their preconceptions about some of the topics he’ll be discussing throughout the program.

Then comes an entertaining and hilarious story from Troy’s life about the power of choice, and how we have the power to make choices about the way we react to life instead of becoming a victim to circumstance.

Through the connection with a partner they will learn and experience first-hand the power and effect of negative and positive words and thoughts through a physical activity.

Western Wyoming Community College

Arkansas Tech

Participants will also examine fear and its impact on their lives, and how to guide and use that fear to create more positive experiences.

This experiential program uses and teaches techniques and skills based on brain research.

In the end, we put the focus on commitment and pushing past fears. Troy tells stories and introduces thought provokingly new ways to view commitment and accomplishing dreams. One volunteer from the audience will come on stage and push through a fear by breaking an arrow with their neck. Troy puts the tip of an archery arrow on the soft part of the volunteers neck (right above the breast bone). Troy holds the other end firmly while the volunteer steps forward in a committed and confident way, breaking the arrow with only their neck. According to the laws of physics this activity is absolutely safe if you have the correct bow weight arrow. To guarantee this, Troy always supplies the arrows. It’s the perceived danger that makes the activity so powerful.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will;

  • Be empowered to consciously choose their reactions rather than be a victim to the situation.
  • Experience words that make them smarter and stronger
  • Discover how their internal dialogue can affect their confidence
  • Be shown how important commitment is to being successful in school and live
  • Understand on how fear can hold them back
  • Learn ways to identify and overcome fear