Benefits to the campus:

  • Increased Retention
  • School Spirit
  • Alcohol-free programming
  • Multicultural awareness


Benefits to the participants:

  • Make new friends in a safe environment
  • Create a connection to the campus
  • Teambuilding
  • They have a blast!

Texas A & M University Commerce


What people are saying about our icebreakers:

“Troy Stende was a key part of making our 2009 TechConnect new student orientation one of our best ever! Our main goal this year was to focus on helping students make connections with each other right from the start and Troy’s icebreaker session was exactly what we needed. Not only was it an energetic, fun, top-notch event in and of itself, but the excitement and expectations created during that time spilled over in a positive way to the other activities we had planned during that week.

If you need help getting your students to come out of their shells; connect with each other, and learn to think positively about their upcoming semester, you should definitely consider Stende Inspirations!”

~Matt Hauger
Associate Dean of Students
Arkansas Tech University

Arkansas Tech

Arkansas Tech

Troy has been facilitating icebreaker for well over a decade- even before he was an orientation leader. An advantage he has over other companies that also do icebreakers is that he doesn’t present from a script. This enables him to read the audience and take the program where the students are ready to go. He never forces them to do things they aren’t ready to do just because it is part of the script.