Be The Change

As an influencer on campus you directly and indirectly shape the lives’ of people on campus. You have power. Left undirected, that power could go wasted.
Imagine how much more profound your impact will be when you consciously create connections and empower others.

The power of words helps connect you to the people in your campus/organization/community. Be the Change teaches you how to accelerate the connection process.

Words affect you physically, emotionally, cognitively whether you want them too or not.

We’ve always heard that positive self-talk is important. But we’ve never really known why. We delve deep into why words have power. You’ll understand the chemistry/biology and science behind this. One example is the Reticular Activating System (RAS). That’s the part of the brain that helps us find what’s on our mind. We explain the concept that your perception becomes your reality. You’ll learn a new way to reach out and connect with people. A way that accelerates the level of connection.

Exchanging Blue Ribbons

Who you are makes a difference

You’ll become more conscious of the words you use. Being more purposeful in your communication makes for a more powerful presence and a deeper connection if they are using our methodology.

Not only do you realize the impact of your self-talk, you will also understand the impact of your words on others.

The program is very experiential. All the theory and knowledge anyone could want is out there on the Internet. If we just tell you the content and theory you might as well be on the computer reading about it. When people actually practice what we talk about, they learn it on a different level, on the gut level. And it’s much more likely to stick with them. And not only remember it, but it’s easier for them to continue using it and applying it in every day life.