Leadership Conferences

We have a great deal of experience presenting at conferences. Most commonly we present an opening and/or closing keynote and breakout sessions.
Some of our more popular keynotes are “Be the Change” , “Life Unlimited”.
Some of our more popular breakout session are and “Leadership Dogs”, “You Got Games”
One program that is very popular which is sometimes the keynote and sometimes a breakout session is “Break on Through”

Be the Change

Participants learn about, and actually experience, creating connections with people in order to create a safer, more connected campus. They also leave with a “tool” so they can keep creating the connections even after the program. This keynote not only gets them fired up about what they do, and excited about reaching out to more people, but it also kicks the conference off by getting everyone connected, interacting and caring about each other.
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Life Unlimited

Every student comes to college looking for something different. Essentially everyone has his or her own agenda. Life Unlimited acknowledges this by covering three very different topics to make sure EVERY student leaves the program with something that will impact their life in a positive way. Life Unlimited focuses on teaching you how to get the most out of life. It’s broken down into three very distinct sections: internal dialogue, fear, and grades. Life Unlimited offers something for everyone so you can truly learn to live your lifeunlimited!
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